Currently in the middle of a restoration and modernization process, the centennial Mercado do Bolhão was declared a Monument of Public Interest, not only for the architectural value of its building, but also for being one of Porto’s main public landmarks.

Far from ceasing its activity during the period of works, the market relocated its services to La Vie Porto Baixa Shopping Center, where its essence remains thanks to the traditional stalls of fruits, flowers, meat and fish, as well as the coffee, food and shops court.

To keep attracting visitors, do Bolhão Temporary Market also offers a busy calendar of events, for example the “Sábados no Mercado” initiative, featuring various activities every Saturday of the month.

Thus, the first Saturday of each month is dedicated to showcookings by renowned Portuguese chefs, under the name of “Chef no Bolhão”. The second Saturday of the month is dedicated to “Sábados en Família”, with fun and pedagogical activities designed for families with young children. The third one, “Bolhão em Festa” offers various music and art performances. And last but not least, the last Saturday of the month, “Saturdays à Conversa”, features various talks and conferences.