There are so many ways of approaching the history of Porto. From its famous oenological tradition to the stories transmitted through tiles on the facades of its most outstanding buildings, the city of Porto seems eager to share its past.

Visitors can also immerse themselves in the history of the Invicta through five routes of cultural and historical interest that go through different parts of the city. The so-called Romantic Promenades are thematic walks that invite us to discover Porto in the 19th century, with all its facets and contradictions: romantic, bourgeois, industrial and rural.

“Romantic Porto”, “The use of water”, “Rural and industrial archeology”, “The Factory of Massarelos and the Prestige of the Bourgeoisie” and “From Golgotha ​​to Massarelos” are the names of the five routes available. All of them are signposted with informative panels along the entire route, so you can walk freely and at your own pace. If you prefer, guided tours are available for groups. You can register at the Museu Romântico or by phone +351 22 606 65 68.